Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - JFTradeVentures

JFTradeVentures is a portuguese company that bases its business in the procurement and trading of fresh and frozen fish and seafood.

Our main markets include West Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 

We are at the forefront of the development of markets for fish species worldwide, most notably from Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Senegal, Morocco, Vietnam, China and India, among other countries.   

We are here to serve you

We are here to serve you - JFTradeVentures

We are affiliated with several processing plants and fishing vessels to supply customers all over the world.

As a result we can guarantee an overall supply all year around for the products you need.

Through our strategic positions JFTradeVentures aims the development of markets by matching supply with demand. 


Our Products

Our Products - JFTradeVentures

Horse Mackerel


Pangasius Fillets and Stakes

Red Fish


Our Products

Our Products - JFTradeVentures

Yellowfin Tuna

Skipjack Tuna

Big Eye Tuna

Black Tiger Prawns


Our Services

Our Services - JFTradeVentures

Our agents frequently visit both suppliers and clients in order to achieve and maintain in-depth knowledge of the seafood we sell and their respective markets.

We strive to be dynamic and resourceful to constantly broaden our product range.

         We offer to our customers:     

  • Continuity of supply and service.
  • Tailored selection of products.    
  • Accurate and timely shipping documentation.    
  • A support network available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.